13 November 2017

10 Things You Need For The Perfect Fall Dinner Party

dinner sets

The nights are drawing in as winter is slowly approaching, so what better way of lifting everyone’s mood than to host an impressive dinner party combined with stunning dinner sets? First things first, you need a list to check off the must haves to wow your guests.


Do you want a theme for the party? It could be a country theme, such as a Japanese evening with everything from Sushi, saki, and kimonos, or black tie and cocktails. The choice is yours! Just make sure if it’s a costume theme you give your guests plenty of notice.

Dinner Set

Impress the crowd with Corelle’s dinner sets. There is a number to choose from, including the everyday Corelle Coupe dinnerware set and the more stylish Corelle Embossed Dinnerware design. They’re durable and smash-resistant; so no need to worry about clumsy house guests.

Glass wear

Will you be serving cocktails, wine, spirits or beers? Decide on your drinks menu and make sure you have the corresponding glasses to match.

RSVP guest list

Choose your guests wisely, you don’t want any standoff arguments in the middle of dinner by sitting two conflicting people next to each other!


Whatever your theme, have music to match. Choose a good playlist and make sure it’s as long as you want the party to last; no one wants the ambiance to be cut short during the evening and left with silence amongst the guests!


For low and sultry choose to dine by candlelight, but if you want to jazz things up a little you might want to get some disco lights for the after dinner dancing!


A dinner game may help your guests relax into the dinner party, so why not research some good icebreaker games for all ages to enjoy. Chances are that more often than not conversations starts to get stale, so make sure you have games on standby to keep the party going.


The menu is yours to decide, work with your theme to create the perfect lip wetting three course meal. Just make sure you check any allergies first!


First impressions count so why not start the evening off with a cocktail served to your guests at the door? Nothing says class like attention to details, so do this and win the prize as the perfect host.

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