15 November 2018

2019 Dinnerware Trends

2019 dinnerware trends

With 2018 quickly coming to a close, it’s time to start looking forward to 2019 and the dinnerware trends we can expect to see in the new year. This year was all about the use of unconventional materials like ceramics, stoneware and marble, while next year’s dinnerware trends will see the emphasis put on different themes, colours, and shapes, rather than focusing on materials alone.  

Spicy Shades

Warm colours are officially in for 2019, with one of Pantone’s colour groups for home and interiors focusing on tempting colours in a range of spice-like shades. Think paprika red and turmeric yellow, the warm-toned forecast palette for 2019 is appropriately called ‘Cravings’ and is described as “tempting the eyes as well as the tastebuds”, making it the ideal colour palette for dinnerware. These so-called spicy shades will no doubt lead to an increased craving for ‘70s style dinner sets as warm colours were a prominent feature of the era.   

Breaking the Mould

While traditional round plates will likely remain the most popular option, in 2019 we’ll see more unusual shapes emerging on market. Most likely to break the traditional mould will be square dinner plates, but more adventurous looking dinnerware sets with asymmetrical shapes and curving lines will also be making an appearance next year.

Functional and Beautiful

2019 is set to be the year when functionality and beauty come together in dinnerware, as consumers are no longer satisfied with products that simply offer one or the other. Offering durability and a long service life without compromising on aesthetics, dinnerware brands like Corelle will surely be a popular choice with consumers. Corelle in particular, will not only offer consumers a diverse selection of dinnerware styles but also come with the added benefit of being both chip and break resistant.    

Classic with a Twist

Classic designs and heritage patterns are set to become a mainstream dinnerware trend next year but expect to see them with some twists and modern variations. Building on this year’s trend of mixing and matching your dinnerware, the ‘classic with a twist’ trend will see you combining classic designs with modern patterns, using a mix of old and new dinnerware.     

California Cool

Moving away from a cool toned Scandinavian colour palette, next year will see dinnerware take on a ‘California Cool’ vibe with earthy tones and bright accents. You can expect to see plenty of responsibly sourced plates and dinnerware sets made from recycled materials, in keeping with the Californian eco-warrior spirit. To brighten up these earth-toned plates, you’ll find accents of colour in bright orange and vivid turquoise.

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