28 May 2019

Dinnerware Buying Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Dinner Set for Your Home

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Choosing the perfect dinner set for your home is no mean feat. With so many different aspects to consider and so many different dinner sets to choose from, it’s not always easy making your final choice – but World Kitchen is here to help!

As we stock a wide range of high-quality dinnerware, we’ve put together some of the main points you should consider to help you find your perfect set.  

Find the Right Fit

Most of us fall in love with a dinner set long before we have purchased it. But, if it doesn’t easily fit into your cabinets and dishwasher, you’ll find yourself falling out of love with just as quickly. So, before you begin your search for the perfect dinner set, make sure that you take into consideration how much space you have and the largest size of dishes you could easily accommodate.

Of course, it’s not all about the size when it comes to finding the right fit. As stockists of an extensive range of dinner sets, we know just how many different shapes dinnerware now comes in. It’s true that all of these are beautiful and modern, adding a touch of intrigue to your dining table. However, it’s also true that they aren’t always the easiest to accommodate in a dishwasher or cabinet due to their shape. Remember to also watch out for how tall the rim of the plates are. These will also affect how easily they can be stacked and stored.

Choose the Perfect Pattern

From classic to modern, demure to daring, dinnerware patterns come in every possible combination you can dream up. Whether you are looking for something to complement your existing dinner sets or something totally different to jazz up your next dinner party, there might not be such a thing as the perfect pattern, but there will be a perfect pattern for you.

Generally speaking, dinnerware patterns can be split into three different categories: classic, modern, and romantic. These three categories cover all patterns from everyday dining options to those more extravagant ones you would save for formal dining occasion.

Classic patterns refer to those you would expect to see in most homes. Whether it’s the backup dinner set your mum has been holding on to for decades, or the no-fuss dinnerware a new couple invests in for their first home. There are numerous common patterns you can expect to find under the “classic” category of dinnerware designs. These include rococo borders, straight lines, simple designs, and reinterpretations of trends from past decades.

Modern patterns, on the other hand, are far more outlandish and abstract, often favouring geometric styles and bold colours. Last but by no means least, is the romantic category. This covers any pattern which is inspired by nature and living things, including flowers, fruit, and animals.  

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