07 September 2017

5 Things to Consider When Buying New Dinner Sets

dinner sets

When it comes to buying a new dinner set, with so much choice and variety available, it’s important you make the best decision. After all, completely new dinner sets is not a small investment and will be used around the home for a long time. So here are five important things to consider before you go ahead and buy any new dinner set.


There are a huge number of different materials available from which your dinner set could be made. All of them offer a different sense of style and will suit certain moods and homes much better, so take them all into consideration. Typically, dinner sets will be made of either:

  • Glass
  • Stoneware
  • Earthenware
  • Melamine
  • Ironstone

Or for more formal sets:

  • Bone china
  • Porcelain

If you are looking for more than one set, so as to account for different occasions, then you may be better off picking one set made from a material for more casual use and then a much more expensive set of either porcelain or bone china that is only brought out on special occasions.


This leads nicely onto the second important thing to consider, which is the budget. If funds are restricted, then you may want to go for a classy set made of a less expensive material, which can then be used no matter what the occasion. One crucial thing to consider though is that although it is more expensive, a well-made dinner set is set to last far longer than a cheaper one, so may work out more affordable in the long run.

The set size

When you purchase dinnerware, you are buying by place setting; meaning if you buy enough for five places you will get five identical sets. These sets can consist of varying items, so decide beforehand what you are looking for. Typical sets contain a dinner plate, small side plate, bowl, and mug or teacup and saucer. If you are looking for a formal set, then you may want to invest in a few extra pieces for each place, such as a charger, an accent plate or a rimmed bowl. Beyond this, also work out any additional table items you may need, such as salad bowls or gravy boats.
Shape and colour

The shape and colour are quintessential in defining the look and feel of the set as a whole. Cheaper sets tend to be cream or white and noticeably cost less money. More modern sets are stark white and come in varying shapes, such as square. Rustic-looking dinnerware is quite fashionable and is starting to return to many homes across the UK. To help you decide on the colour and style, think about what else is currently in your dining room, so table, chairs and furnishing, to help decide what feel you want the dinnerware to exude.


Hopefully, you will never need to purchase an additional piece to replace a broken item in your set, but in a realistic world, you will at some point need to. Over time, things naturally get broken, so consider whether you will easily be able to afford to replace these items. Alternatively, and if your budget allows, purchase one or two places extra of your set so you have it ready if needed, without needing to head to the shops again.

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