08 June 2018

BBQ Essentials

With the summer officially in full swing, take advantage of the warm weather by having a BBQ in your backyard. You only need a few essentials to throw a BBQ party that your friends and family will love.
Before the party gets underway, you’ll need to focus on the grill itself, making sure that it is still up to scratch after spending the colder months of the year in storage. The first thing you will need to do is give your BBQ a good clean, making sure that there is no leftover food debris from the last time it was used.

BBQ Accessories

Once you’ve dug out your barbecue from the garage and set it up for the summer, it’s time to assemble all the essential tools for outdoor grilling. They say a man is only as good as his tools, so it is worth investing in some good quality utensils.
The following should cover all of your barbecue needs (just make sure that they are all long-handled, to avoid burning yourself):

  • Spatula for flipping burgers and fish
  • Tongs to turn pieces of meat and vegetables
  • Marinade brush to keep the food moist whilst cooking
  • Meat probe to check when your burgers and cuts of meat are cooked


Having to use flimsy paper plates puts a damper on even the best barbecues, and eating from them gracefully with ease is a difficult skill to master. Using a dinnerware set instead will not only make everyone’s dining experience more enjoyable but it’s more environmentally friendly too. Invest in shatter resistant dinnerware to give you peace of mind about the safety of your dining set once it leaves your dining room, and add a touch of style to your next barbecue party.


Rather than trying to cater to your guests individually, set out plenty of condiments, garnishes, and side dishes so that everyone can build their plates to their own taste. Remember, good BBQ food should always be three things: simple, fresh, and delicious.
For anything not going on the grill, keep your recipes simple, after all, you’ll want to spend your time enjoying yourself rather than meal prepping in the kitchen whilst everyone else enjoys the sun.


Food is the main focus of any barbecue, but having some cold drinks waiting for your guest when they arrive will always be appreciated in the warm weather. A jug of Pimm’s and lemonade or an ice bucket filled with beer are barbecue staples and will make for easy drinking in the sunshine.
Homemade lemonade is always a popular choice to have for the kids and anyone driving. You could even make your own slushies by blending together fruit juice and ice.

Useful Extras

Although not particularly glamorous, certain supplies are a barbecue essential to keep things running smoothly and make your life easier during the cleanup. Tin foil and food containers are always handy to make packing away leftover a breeze and a steady supply of plastic cups and napkins are essential for any barbecue party.

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