15 July 2019

What are the Best Dinner Sets for the Modern Dining Room?


Dinnerware makes all the difference when you’re serving a meal – it takes it from a simple plate of food to an elegant dining experience, which really helps you to enjoy your food to the max! In the modern home, the dining room is somewhat of a forgotten treasure, with people opting to eat on the go or in front of the television. We think that’s all wrong – family meals should be the main event of the day, where you’ll all spend time together and tell stories about the day making a show out of these meals can really help every evening to feel like a special occasion. Dinner sets can be a huge gamechanger, with the appearance of your meals really changing how you feel when you sit down to eat! Check out our top dinner sets below, starting with:

1) Coupe – Geometric

Starting with one of the most basic, and most popular, dinnerware styles; the coupe! Our coupe sets are sleek, round pieces that have a smooth and sophisticated look that gives modern elegance to your dining room. Using a palette of warm brown and cool celadon and combining different size square printing, this Geometric dinner set gives a bold contemporary twist to teatime. With a distinctive retro twist, the set looks great in any décor from modern to classic and will bring dinner at home to an entirely new level. The pattern’s simplicity makes the set a popular choice universally, fitting into any dining room arrangement with ease. Click here to take a look at this set in more detail!

2) Wide Rim – Splendour

For a contemporary pattern with a classic modern feel, our wide rim Splendour dinner set is a great option – the wonderful combination of greys and reds work together to create a sophisticated theme with a rich splash of colour buried within, breaking through the swirling design for a fantastic look. The wide rim design has a retro feel and makes the food the centrepiece of the plate, giving a central circle to eat out of – this also means minimal mess! 

3) Square – Muret

Up next we have a sleeker and more modernised structure – the square dinner set. Square dinner sets open up more design opportunities, particularly in a modern setting thanks to the sharper lines and cornered layout. Muret makes the most of this new style, adding in a diagonal swipe of golden browns and muted greys that’s sure to add a classy natural theme to any dining table. These slants do a perfect job of framing your food, so you’re under no illusion – it’s the main event. 

4) Embossed – Sol

For a more delicate and intricate style, embossed dinner sets work brilliantly – the protruding pattern is built into the structure of the plates as opposed to printed on, giving extra depth to the designs. Coming in clean white hues, these embossed dinner sets are great as everyday dinnerware, or as a special occasion set thanks to the tranquil and luxurious vibe that they offer! Sol has a fantastic fluted trim design and looks elegant at breakfast, lunch, or dinner – it’s a great all-rounder.

5) Premium Coupe – Polka Dottie

The last style that we’re going to look at is the Premium Coupe design – these are similar designs to our standard Coupe range, but with an added edge that sets them apart from the crowd. These plates are the perfect special occasion dinnerware – they’ve got a real high-quality feel and can so easily take any meal from good to outstanding. Our hottest design is the Polka Dottie which, as you could probably guess from the name, is a design that incorporates a spread of spots and dots, which vary in colour and combine to give a very stylish edge to any dining experience. If your dining room is lacking a pop of colour, Polka Dottie is the set for you.

What’s more is that some of our dinner sets are also Corelle sets, giving you durable, lightweight places that last through the wear and tear of everyday use!

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