28 September 2018

Choosing the Right Dinner Set for Your Home

choosing the right dinner set

Whether you’re looking for a classic dinner set to use for formal dining occasions or more utilitarian dinnerware to be used for everyday dining, there is an art to finding the right dinner set for your home. Read on to find out how to choose the right style and pattern to match your home and personal taste.


A contemporary home is all about creating a comfortable space with minimalist interior design approach. Carry this through to your dinnerware by choosing a set with minimal designs or subtle embossing. If you want to add a contemporary twist to a classic design, then choose a square dinnerware set like the Corelle Cascading Lines dinnerware set. A minimalistic design like the Corelle Breathtaking Blue Beads collection also lends itself well to a contemporary aesthetic and is the perfect finishing touch for a modern dining room.  


For those looking for a classic dinner set, traditional designs and shapes will be the key thing to look for. Not to be confused with dated, a classic dinner set is perfect for anyone looking for a ‘proper’ dinnerware set to use for special occasions and formal dining. An elegant border has consistently remained popular over the years, making it the perfect style for a dinner set with a classic look. The Corelle Rosemarie range features a delicate floral border design giving it the classical appeal, while the fresh colours keep this dinner set from looking dated.    

Shabby Chic

A shabby chic home is usually a mix of old and new, contemporary minimalism, and kitsch accessories. To find the right dinner set to match this look, focus on bright colours and loud patterns, mixed with classic designs and high-quality manufacturing of each piece. For a shabby chic dinner set, choose from the Corelle Friendship dinner set, the Corelle Santorini Sky dinner set, or the Corelle Chutney dinnerware range.   


The right dinner set for your home doesn’t necessarily have to be one that fits in with your interior design or aesthetic. It could be as simple as finding a utilitarian dinner set to meet your everyday dining needs. We stock a wide range of minimalistic dinner sets here at World Kitchen which are perfect for everyday dining thanks to their simple design and sturdy nature. The Corelle Winter Frost White dinnerware range, and the Corelle Dazzling White dinner set are both ideal for utilitarian, everyday dining.   


Creating a trendy dinner set doesn’t necessarily have to mean investing in a whole dinner set. If you’re looking to mix up your current dinnerware to create a trendy look, then add the Corelle Dog bread and butter plates to your current dinner sent to create a trendy feel at your next dinner party.
Still need some inspiration to find your perfect dinner set? Browse the entire Corelle dinnerware range for more options.

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