28 August 2019

Complete Your Dining Room Décor with Decorative Dinner Sets

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The dining room is often the most sophisticated, decorative space in any household, with the room being used mostly for enjoying homecooked meals in the evening with the family, or for special occasions and dinner parties where you’ll be looking to impress your guests. Whatever the scenario, you’ll want an ultra-stylish dining room décor with all of the right decorative features to ensure that the room really does look the part – finding the perfect dinner set can add the final decorative edge that the room needs to genuinely feel like an extravagant dining area, so here are our top dinnerware sets for adding the finishing touch to your new dining room décor!


One of the most prominent themes that you’ll come across in the dining room – it’s a room that’s used for hosting guests and special occasion dinners, which naturally goes hand in hand with the elegant vibe. Sophisticated can bring out an entirely new layer to your elegant dining room designs, with sets such as the Apricot Grove set giving a delicate, traditional twist to any dining room décor. Keeping with the same vibe, the Tree Bird dinnerware set also features a foliage-based design, along with a more refined and earthy colour scheme that’s ideal for a more subdued dining room.


Bringing your dining room into the world of cuttingedge contemporary design, we’ve got some of our most urban dinner sets to help you give a completely cohesive theme across the space. The Tranquil Reflection set combines a cold colour palette with misty blue, grey and black decoration sitting on top of a white base for a smooth, effortless effect. A slightly less crowded, yet equally decorative set is the Fleur Du Soir dinnerware collection, which has a monochrome black, white, and grey colour scheme that depicts a floral arrangement with a clean, modern feel.

Pattern & Colour

One of the most striking things that you can add to an interior in terms of design is colour and pattern – they catch the eye and bring a vibrant decorative edge to your interior’s designs and there are lots of different options so you can tailor it to find in with the style that you’re looking for. If it’s bright, uplifting colour, the Key West Dinner Set is a great fit – it features a blue and green combination that’s vibrant and catches the eye! An array of spots and stripes are used to give the decoration to the rim of the plates, leaving a clean central space for the food to sit – this gives an impeccable presentation to any meal!

Creating a stylish, consistent décor style isn’t just about the main decorative focus – it can be just as easily impacted by the smaller, less significant features as those are the parts that bring depth, character, and tone to the space. Without the right decorative accents, you’ll never be able to truly capture the theme and vibe that you’re looking for. If our hand-picked selection of dinner sets caught your eye, great you’ll have already found the perfect dinnerware for your dining room! If not, you don’t need to worry – we’ve got a huge collection just waiting to be discovered by the right homeowner here at World Kitchen

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