29 August 2016

Cooking For All Ages!


The kitchen is the heart of the house. It is the place in which people tend to spend the most time, where a family can come together and where most importantly all those wonderful meals are created. Whether you are cooking with your mum, dad, kids, grandparents, neighbours, friends or whoever else, you need to know that your tableware and bakeware is going to be as fantastic as your grandma’s secret recipe for chocolate brownies.

Everyone should be able to get involved with the cooking. This is exactly what the new range of Corelle products can do for you.



Grandma’s always seem to have the best recipes and cooking secrets. Without their wisdom we may not know how to make the best cake, which spices to add to our dishes or that everything tastes better with a pinch of salt (well maybe not your desserts). Corelle’s new range of Bake Serve and Store products have new features that make them the perfect kitchen tool for you and your grandparent or older relative. They are now made from Vitrelle, a material which is 50% lighter than ceramic. This makes it much easier for you or a gran, nana, nanni, daadi or grandad to cook the dishes they love without having to struggle with heavy bakeware.



Mealtimes can be the only time you get a chance to sit down with your children and ask them how their day went. It can be the only time you get to relax, enjoy a nice meal and unwind after the day. Make each meal time extra special by not having to worry about the quality of your dishes or whether they will last in the oven cooking your food. Choose from the range of Corelle’s LivingWare. It is break resistant, microwave, oven and dishwasher safe as well as being lightweight and stackable in your cupboard. Never again will your meals be ruined by a chip in the dish which makes it impossible to cook with. Along with all these features the products are stylish and come in a range of different designs.



Especially over the summer time you may find you have a couple of extra helping hands in the kitchen. The kids are off school and what better way to keep them engaged than by getting them involved with some baking or cooking in the kitchen. Keeping kids active and healthy can take a lot of work. However, learning about their food and how to cook a meal can affect how they see food in the future. For baking, cooking or preparing food around smaller children you need to know that the bakeware and tableware is as reliable as possible. Corelle Bake Serve and Store range is perfect for you! Not only are the pieces easy to handle, easy to clean and durable, they also come in a variety of different patterns which can make them brilliant centerpieces at the dinner table. Serve your meal straight from the Corelle Bake Serve and Store bakeware in the middles of the table!

For more Corelle products that can work for any person and any occasion, browse through our range online here.

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