14 February 2017

Cooking With Corelle This Mother’s Day

corelle mother's day

This year Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, March 26th which is only a couple of weeks away. It is that one day out of the year on which we celebrate our mothers and all that they have done for us.
This might mean buying them a gift, spending time with them or cooking them their favourite meal. If you are cooking with your Mum or your kids or your grandkids this Mother’s Day then here are a few ways Corelle can help you:

Chip and Break Resistant Just In Case

If you are planning on baking or cooking with young kids this Mother’s Day then it is always smart to make sure that the bake ware and dinner ware you use is going to last.
This means when those trips and slips do happen and your beautifully baked Victoria Sponge Cake goes flying, the plate it’s being carried on should hopefully land in one piece.

Stylish and Elegant Patterns To Compliment Any Meal

corelle patterns

Mother’s Day is a special occasion that only comes about once a year. This means it’s time for the best glasses, plates and bake ware like Corelle offers that makes your table look that extra bit special.
If you have just cooked a wonderful meal for your kids or your Mum you don’t want it to be served on ugly looking plates that make the meal look unappetising. You want it to be appealing, tasty and perfect for the occasion.

Microwave, Oven and Dishwasher Friendly

One thing you don’t want to be doing on Mother’s Day is spending hours washing up after your meal is done. You want to be spending time with your family, lazing about on the couch or enjoying a relaxing afternoon.
Corelle dinner sets and bakeware is easy to clean, dishwasher friendly and hopefully saving you some much needed time an effort on Mother’s Day.
Find all the Corelle you need for the perfect Mother’s Day meal at World Kitchen.

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