05 December 2019

Corelle Dinner Sets That Are Perfect for Christmas Day


Unless you’re going to a fancy restaurant this Christmas to celebrate, you will no doubt be eating at home with the family. After you and the kids have unwrapped your presents and the family have arrived, it’s time to tuck into your Christmas dinner. However, a fitting dinner set is essential – and there is no better brand to use than Corelle on Christmas Day.


Corelle is a leading brand of dishware and glassware. Introduced in 1970, Corelle has produced an endless amount of state-of-the-art dinnerware, with different items to cater to a vast range of occasions. Whether you want a set for day-to-day use or for a special occasion, Corelle will have what you desire. Made of Vitrelle, the outer layer is heat-treated to make sure an area of pressure is constantly present. This prevents cracks from spreading, therefore resulting in the glass being stronger, and less likely to break than the majority of dinnerware out there. Let’s look at a couple of Corelle sets that are perfect for a Christmas party.

Corelle Harbor Town 16pc Dinner Set 

If the family are coming around for a festive feast, then look no further than this set. Featuring 16 items, there will definitely be enough dinnerware to feed the family. Not only is there plates, bowls and side dishes, but the set comes with mugs that are perfect for sipping your mulled wine too. But what about the smell and mess? Luckily, this set is non-porous and reduces food odours and time spent cleaning – and we’ve not even mentioned how durable they are. Made of a revolutionary material, the dinnerware resists scratches, stains, cracks and chips. Lightweight and very thin, you’ll be able to store this set anywhere on Christmas. Moreover, the red rings around the plates bring a warm, festive feeling to your Christmas meal.

Corelle Memphis 16pc Dinner Set 

We all know how excited children get on Christmas Day. Running around all day and restless at the table, they could easily break a newly bought dinner set. Thankfully, this is the perfect set for you. If the kids drop a plate, don’t worry, as the set is specifically designed to avoid breaking. This set’s durability comes from its sandwich construction which connects three different layers of glass. Additionally, the non-porous glass means you can wash them with ease, which is ideal for all the gravy and sprouts left. And if that wasn’t enough, the multicolour outer ring design is sure to be enjoyed by children, without looking too childish for your stylish table setting. Enjoy watching the kids make the most of their Christmas.

World Kitchen offers a range of dinner sets not only for Christmas but for all occasions and events. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!


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