31 October 2019

Corelle Dinner Sets That Are Perfect for Your Halloween Dinner Parties


Unless you decide to lock your front door and turn the lights off when the kids come knocking on Halloween, you will no doubt be celebrating! Some people go out out, some people are taking their kids from door to door, and the rest of you are celebrating in the comfort of your own home! However, to have the perfect Halloween party, a fitting dinner set is essential – and what better brand to use for your set than Corelle!


Corelle is a leading brand of dishware and glassware. Introduced in 1970, Corelle have produced an abundance of state-of-the-art dinnerware, with different items being perfect for a vast array of occasions! Whether you want a set for day to day use, or a set for a special occasion is what you seek, Corelle will have what you desire. Made of Vitrelle, the outer layer of their glass is heat treated to ensure an area of continuous pressure is formed. This prevents cracks from propagating, therefore resulting in the glass being significantly stronger, and less likely to break, than the majority of dinnerware out there. Let’s look at a couple of Corelle sets that are perfect for a Halloween dinner party.

Corelle Classic Café red 16pc Dinner Set

If people are coming around for a spook-tastic party, then look no further than this set. Featuring 16 items, there will no-doubt be enough dinnerware to feed the family and friends. But what about the mess and smell? This set is non-porous and therefore food odours and particles are gone in the blink of an eye. And that’s not to mention the durability! Made of revolutionary material, the dinnerware resits cracks, chips, scratches and stains. One might think a thick, heavy plate is required for this. However, this set is wafer thin, lightweight and extremely easy to store almost anywhere! As if that isn’t enough, the red design on the plates mirrors that of the blood around Dracula’s mouth – the kids will love it!

Corelle Memphis 16pc Dinner Set

If there’s a bunch of children coming around to your house for a Halloween dinner party, then this is the perfect set! We all know how clumsy the kids can be, so it’s a good job that this set is made to survive accidents. If the kids drop a plate, do not fear, as this set is specifically designed to avoid cracking and smashing. Also, they are extremely easy to wash which is ideal for all the ketchup left on them! As if that wasn’t enough, the multicolour, eye-catching outer ring makes the set aesthetically pleasing for people of a young age! Enjoy watching the kids and their friends run riot and make a mess without having to be stressed in the slightest!

World Kitchen offers a plethora of dinner sets for not only Halloween, but for all occasions and events. Happy Halloween and happy dining!

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