01 February 2018

Corelle Dinnerware Sets to Own

Corelle dinnerware

Have you discovered the delights of the Corelle dinnerware range yet? Whether you’re looking for a set that’s for everyday use or something a little more special, it’s a brand that’s perfect for every single home and kitchen.

Founded in 1972, Corelle dinnerware has been crafted in over 2,000 patterns since its launch, meaning there’s a design for everyone (keep reading for some of our favourites!). What’s unique about the range is that it’s crafted from Vitrelle® glass – a three-layered glass laminate that was originally used to make US television screens in the 1940s.

Glass might seem like an odd choice for a dinnerware range, but it offers a huge number of benefits. Not only does it look great, but it’s durable and resists stains, scratches, chips and breaks, making it ideal for those who host lots of dinner parties, as well as families with children. It’s safe to use in all of your kitchen appliances, from the dishwasher to the oven, and it’s thin and easy to stack too, perfect for those who are looking for a long-lasting, easy to store full dinnerware set for their first home.

Choosing your first dinnerware set can be a challenge, with a huge number of options available. It’s important to choose a style that reflects your personality and the look and feel you’re wanting to project, whether you’re using it for family meals or to serve guests that you’ve invited over for dinner.

That focus on personal style is another reason why we love Corelle: whether you want round dishes or square, patterned or plain, contemporary or traditional, you’ll find something that suits you – and at great prices too, with the ability to order the exact number of place settings that you need.

Interested in exploring further? Here are four of our favourite designs from the current Corelle collection:

1. Sand Sketch

The modern design of the pattern of the Sand Sketch is truly sublime and comes with white plates with a chunky taupe-coloured border, interwoven with white semicircular shapes. It’s a contemporary design that’s also understated.

2. Chutney

Perfect for those looking for a rustic, countrified look, the Chutney range features autumnal imagery of blossoming fruits that give a more casual look and feel.

3. Enhancements

Sometimes, plain white is what is needed – and the Enhancements range offers just that, allowing it to complement any colour scheme in your kitchen or dining room. The textured, sculpted rim gives it a classic look that makes it one of Corelle’s most popular ranges.

4. Scribble Lines

Scribble Lines is a fun range is perfect for families and for casual get-togethers: square plates with playful yet contemporary scribble line designs that will keep the mood light-hearted.

If you’re looking to add a dinnerware set to your collection, Corelle couldn’t be a better choice. Browse our full range of Corelle dinnerware today at World Kitchen.

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