28 October 2019

Corelle – What Makes Corelle The Ideal Everyday Dinnerware?

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Corelle is a high-end brand of glassware and dishware. Starting off in 1970, Corelle have made an abundance of quality dinnerware, with different items being ideal for any occasion! Whether you want a set for day to day use, or a set for a special occasion is what you are after, Corelle will have what you desire. Made of Vitrelle, the outer layer of their glass is treated with heat to ensure a constant area of pressure is formed. This stops cracks from propagating, therefore leaving a result of the glass being significantly more robust, and not likely to break, than most dinnerware out there. Let’s take a look at the reasons why Corelle dinnerware is perfect for everyday use.


If you and the family are going to be using the same dinner set every day, the first thing you want from a set is for it to be durable. There would be no point forking out a chunk of your wage on a new set under the impression that it will last a lifetime, only for it to break in the foreseeable future. That’s why Corelle have made the perfect sets for everyday use! If you use a set every day, (especially if you have children!) the items will be susceptible to wear and tear. However, Corelle’s sets are made out of Vitrelle, which harnesses exceptional technology to bind three layers of different glass materials. The result of this is a material that is resistant to breaking, staining, scratching and chipping – enjoy a stress-free dining experience with Corelle!


One factor that is important if you seek a dining set for everyday use is the convenience of it. Imagine buying a brand new, shiny dinner set and then not even being able to put it in the dishwasher without it damaging. Thankfully, Corelle’s sets are specifically made to be convenient for everyday use. The robust nature of the items means that they can be used in a microwave, fridge, freezer oven and dishwasher – all without leaving one mark! If you are using a set every day, it is guaranteed that the above machines will all have the set in them on many occasions. Luckily, the fact that Corelle sets can be used in all of these machines means that you can cook and clean on a daily basis without the worry of things going wrong. The convenience of the sets is great for any user’s peace of mind!


We have all had the problem of not having enough room in our kitchen to store all kitchenware. However, Corelle have tackled this issue with all of their dinner sets. The dinnerware is thin, lightweight and stacks neatly. As a result of this, you are either saving valuable space in your kitchen, or being able to fit the plates in a space that you didn’t think possible! Who knows, there could be room for 16 plates in your cabinet that you weren’t even aware of. Not only will your set slot perfectly into your storage, but the attractive, aesthetically pleasing designs will brighten up your dull storage spaces! If you need a dinnerware set for everyday use, Corelle is the place to go.

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