20 October 2016

The Benefits of Eating Together at the Table


Sitting in front of the television can be a normal everyday thing. But should it be? Is it good for you? Feeling comfortable, relaxing on the couch and enjoying your favourite programme whilst eating your dinner might sound like the best thing to do when you get home. However, have you considered the benefits of eating at the table instead?

World Kitchen know just how appealing the couch may be, but the table wants you back! Whether it’s to talk to family, appreciate your new Corelle Dinnerware or bakeware, or even eat healthier, hopefully these benefits of eating at the kitchen table will change your mind about munching in front of the television.

1. Family Time

bake serve and store ware
For many finding the time to sit down together as a family each day can be hard. There might be different activities or work going on meaning some days you don’t even manage to talk to each other. Instead of missing out on an important catch up with your family or friends because you are too busy watching the television, switch off the box, sit at the table and have a good old fashioned conversation.

2. Healthy Eating

It has been proven that sitting in front of the television actual means you consume more calories than if you were sitting at the table. This is because when you are in front of the television, you are so focused on watching your programme, you don’t realise how many calories you are consuming. When concentrated so much on the screen in front, you also don’t know when you are full and therefore crave more food than you need.

Instead, you can save your favourite programmes for later, sit at the table instead, enjoy a fantastic meal served in Corelle bakeware and see what a difference it makes to your eating habits.

3. Less Mess

If not for any other reason, then sit at the table because it means there will be less mess. With the kids spilling everything left, right and centre, the adults knocking over wine glasses or missing their mouths, there can be many things to clean up. Especially when you are sat in front of the television, eyes on the screen rather than on the food, you can end up with a messy situation.

4. New Bakeware


One of the best things about sitting at the table, especially with a large group or for a family gathering is that you can show off your new Corelle Bakeware. What better way to make your guests say “wow” than with bakeware that is as good at being cooked in as it is at being the centrepiece of the table to serve the food in. Make all your guests jealous of your amazing cooking skills and fantastic bakeware.

Make your night extra special, get all your family and friends to sit at the table, chat about the day, eat magnificent food and eat it out of Dinnerware supplied by World Kitchen.

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