09 October 2017

Enjoy the Summer with Corelle Dinner Sets

dinner sets

There can be nothing as enjoyable than dining outside during the summer. Getting together with family or friends to share good food gives meal-times an extra dimension that we all love. Why not give these outside dining experiences an extra layer of luxury and functionality with  Corelle dinner sets from World Kitchen?

Add some glamour to your outside dining

Why make do with paper plates to eat off when in the garden? This is not only a waste of money in the long run but also just not as nice. An elegant dinner set will be there to use time and again while also looking fabulous to impress your guests with.

Safe, light and shatter-proof

Made from lightweight yet hard-wearing Vitrelle material, they are easy to carry around and hold. Young or old will have no problem using them due to this fantastic feature. The durability means they will not chip or break easily which makes them perfect for outside use. This anti-shatter Vitrelle material is a real bonus of Corelle sets and makes them very practical to use outside.

Great choice of sets for all tastes

There are four different sets in the range from Coupe and Embossed to Wide Rim or Square. All have an elegant look and bright pattern or finish to them. This means you will love using them with family or friends to entertain and dine outside with. Don’t risk using boring or bland paper plates when you can use a stylish Corelle set instead.

Easy to clean up after you eat

Once you have eaten outside then all these dinner sets will go in the dishwasher which means they are easy to clean and ready to use for the next occasion you need them for. They are all also microwave and oven safe which gives them a great flexibility in terms of cooking food or keeping it warm for serving outside.

These Corelle dinner sets from World Kitchen really are the ideal choice when it comes to enjoying the great outdoors while you serve up a delicious meal. Not only do they offer a real functional solution to outside dining needs but they are also fun and stylish too. Eating al fresco with friends or family on a hot summer’s evening is one of the real joys of life, but these sets are also suitable for use when entertaining indoors during the cooler months too.

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