11 December 2018

Essentials for a New Year’s Eve Party

new years eve

The final countdown to the biggest night of the year might not truly begin until Christmas is over, but now is a good time stock up on all the essentials you’ll need to welcome 2019 in style. Rather than rushing around in the last few days of the year, here are the essentials for a New Year’s Eve party that you can stock up on now.

Party-Proof Plates and Bowls

New Year’s Eve parties can often get rowdy as everyone celebrates the end of the year and the last thing you want is your dinnerware falling victim to the boisterous partying. Thankfully, Corelle has all of your party dinnerware needs covered as the entire range of plates and bowls are resistant to chips and breaks so they’ll still be looking good as new once the celebrations are over. To add some festive glitz and glamour to your party, try the Corelle MSNY West End pattern. 

Plenty of Food and Drinks

No party is complete without plenty of food and drink to keep guests energised until the final countdown. As everyone will be busy mingling and enjoying the festivities, forgo serving a formal sit-down meal and instead have plenty of snacks and small bites laid out so people can help themselves; pigs in blankets and sandwiches are always a firm favourite. Don’t forget to include some tortilla chips and dips, along with some healthier nibbles like fruit, carrot sticks, and hummus.

When it comes to drinks, a generously sized punch bowl will be your best friend for the evening. This will save you from mixing cocktails all night or having your guests help themselves to your drinks stash unchecked. You can also fill a flexi tub with ice and beers to go along with your punch. Don’t forget to also stock up on non-alcoholic drinks for younger guests and any designated drivers.

A Killer Playlist

A killer playlist is essential for any get-together; especially a New Year’s Eve party, with classics like “The Final Countdown” and “Auld Lang Syne” are always a popular choice to ring in the year. Generally, you have free reign over what kind of music you play, as long as it gets everyone dancing! If you’re feeling democratic, you can always make a shared playlist on a streaming app like Spotify and encourage all of your guests to add their favourite songs.

Decorations and Props

Balloons, streamers, party poppers, and photo props can all seem a bit of a nuisance any other time of the year, but not on New Year’s Eve. These kinds of cheap and cheery decorations and props can easily be found and will be sure to go down a treat with all your guests.

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