05 February 2018

Expanding Your Corelle Dinnerware Collection

Corelle dinnerware

Whether you enjoy having your friends and family round for dinner parties or thrive on the simplicity of meals with the kids, the Corelle Dinnerware range is sure to meet all your requirements. Yet, however well you plan your dinnerware set, there will always come a day when you need to expand your collection to make sure your set continues to tick all of your boxes for years to come.

When the day comes that you need to expand your collection, you can rest assured that it doesn’t need to be a stressful affair. All of Corelle’s designs come in a choice of dinnerware sets and individual pieces to help you find exactly what you need.


If your kitchen or dining room has a traditional flair, one of Corelle’s traditional designs might be the answer to your wildest dreams. The delicacy of the Cherish Round set makes best possible use of gorgeous embossed blossoms to exude romance and sophistication; perfect for quiet nights in and candlelit dinners.

If you like your patterns to have a traditional feel but the overall look to be a little bit different, the square Adlyn dinnerware set is the perfect addition to your collection. The Adlyn set has a gentle floral design in just a hint of grey and subdued colours.


A bold, contemporary design is the perfect addition to any existing dinnerware set that makes great use of colour and sharp lines. Corelle’s bold Brilliant Black Beads dinnerware is sure to never to go out of style; providing a beautiful expansion to any existing set.

Dinnerware doesn’t just need to be functional; it can be a conversation starter too. Celebration is a unique yet elegant contemporary style that catches the eye with its abstract brush strokes and bright colour scheme to add a whole new dimension and talking point to your dinnerware collection.

Regardless of whether you opt for a traditional, contemporary or classical design, a Corelle Dinnerware set is sure to meet all of your requirements. Not only are the sets gorgeous and child-proof, they are designed to be easy to handle and store as they nest together neatly whilst still being oven, microwave and dishwasher safe too. Find your perfect match at World Kitchen today!

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