20 September 2018

Get Ready for Dinner Party Season with Corelle

corelle dinner party season

It’s that time of year again: dinner party season. As the evenings get too cold and dark for garden parties and barbecues, they turn into the far more formal affair we have come to recognise dinner parties as. As this year’s dinner party starts up again, here are our top tips on how you can get ready with Corelle dinnerware.

Set the Table Correctly

Creating the right table setting sets the tone for the entire evening. An informal dining table implies an informal evening, while a formal setting sets the tone for a more elegant dinner party. A more formal table setting is also a great opportunity to really pull out all the stops and prove that you know how to throw a proper dinner party. While there is no need to pile the table high with candles, florals and overbearing centerpieces, a little effort goes a long way in making sure that your dining table looks fit for a dinner party.

To properly set the table – and the tone – for a dinner party, make sure that you use cloth napkins rather than paper ones. This really adds a touch of sophistication and is part of dinner party etiquette as the meal officially starts once the host has placed the napkin in their lap. Although it’s fashionable to place napkins in an ornate napkin holder or to fold them into an impressive shape, for a simple and classic place setting they should go on the left of the plate, underneath the forks.

When it comes to your silverware remember that it should be laid out to correspond with the courses working from outside in, with the smaller salad fork being furthest away from the place setting and the dinner fork the closest. Soup spoons should go on the outside of the knives, while dessert spoons and cake forks go above the place setting.

Impress Guests with Stylish Dinnerware

Throwing a great dinner party requires three key elements: good food, good atmosphere, and stylish dinnerware that will be sure to impress your guests and elevate your food to a new level. The type of dinnerware you choose will depend on your personal style as well as the overall all look of the table setting. The most important things to keep in mind are that all of your plates and dishes should be free of chips and scratches, clean, stylish, and uniform.

Thankfully, all Corelle dinner sets are chip and break resistant so you don’t have to worry about your dinnerware ever looking anything less than perfect. To really wow your guests, choose an interesting shape like the square Fleurs Du Soir dinnerware range, or the elegantly embossed Sol dinnerware range.

Avoid Common Dinner Party Faux Pas

Dinner parties might not be the stuffy formal affairs they used to be, but there are still certain dinner party rules you should follow and some common faux pas you’ll need to avoid.

One of the big no-nos of any dinner party is a host that’s a ghost. If you’re constantly disappearing into the kitchen your guest will begin to notice, which is why you should plan a meal that won’t require a lot of preparation or close attention, so you can focus your attention on your guests and maintaining a lively atmosphere. And it’s not just about being physically present; if you are on your phone the entire night, you aren’t truly present and will leave your guests feeling neglected.  

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