15 March 2019

Get Ready for Easter Sunday with Corelle

Easter Sunday table setting

Easter is only a few short weeks away with many of us already making the initial preparations in anticipation of the big day. To make sure that this year’s get together is a stress-free success, here’s how you can get ready for Easter Sunday with Corelle.

Set the table (and the mood)

Easter Sunday is a big occasion for most people so it’s only fitting that the dinner table is set to match the occasion and create the right mood for the meal. A floral theme is always a popular choice for Easter Sunday but it can be easy to go overboard, so make sure that you choose an overall colour scheme and incorporate florals as an accent rather than the main theme of your table setting.

To start with, choose a good quality linen tablecloth and make sure that you have ironed out any creases before laying it down on the table. As this is a special occasion, linen napkins can add a special touch to the meal but there’s no reason why you can’t use some patterned paper napkins – especially if you are expecting a lot of younger guests.

Next, it’s time to choose which dinner set you will be using for the meal. This is the perfect way to add a floral element to your table setting without going overboard with the theme. Thankfully, our extensive Corelle dinnerware range includes plenty of floral patterns to choose from whether you’re looking for something ornate like the Corelle Garden Lace dinner set, or something more modern like the fresh look of the Corelle Adoria dinner set.       

Create a stress-free menu

Entertaining family and friends for Easter Sunday can add a lot of pressure, so make sure that you carefully plan a stress-free menu – most of which you should ideally be able to prepare the day before. With some careful planning, you can prepare everything ahead of time and simply reheat the dishes once your guests are seated.

For the ultimate stress-free menu, you can even slow-roast your lamb overnight either using a slow cooker or by braising it in the oven on low heat.  

Organise an egg hunt

A good host always makes sure that their guests are entertained and at Easter kids and adults alike will both enjoy a good egg hunt. Whether you choose to use chocolate eggs or create your own treats using some plastic egg-shaped containers, this yearly tradition will keep all your guests occupied while you add the finishing touches to the meal.

For teens and adults, you could even organise an Easter-themed treasure hunt for a more challenging alternative to the traditional egg hunt.

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