17 December 2018

Getting Your Kitchen Ready for the New Year

dinnerware on display

Once the festivities are all over and you have finished sweeping up all the glitter and tinsel, there’s one last job left to do for the new year; getting your kitchen in order. Start 2019 off on the right foot by taking a day to follow these tips and get your kitchen ready for the new year.

Deep Clean

Your kitchen will likely have seen plenty of action over the festive period, leaving plenty of small appliances in need of some TLC as we head into 2019.

The backbone of any kitchen over Christmas, your oven is likely ready for a deep clean too following a period of heavy baking and roasting. If your oven has a self-cleaning function it can be tempting to just turn this on but now is the time to get stuck in and give your oven a proper scrub.

Remove your oven racks and soak them in oven cleaner and warm water before scrubbing them to remove any build up of food that has become baked on to the surface. While your racks are soaking, you can set to work on the inside of your oven and the door. Unless your oven is looking particularly grimy, you shouldn’t need to resort to harsh chemical even for a deep clean; baking soda, vinegar, and some elbow grease will get the job done just fine.    


We’re all guilty of holding on to unused gadgets, fancy kitchen tools, and dinnerware that is no longer looking its best. The start of a new year is the perfect time to de-clutter your kitchen and get rid of things you no longer use or are in need of replacing. Let’s be honest, when’s the last time you had a good use for the four sports bottles gather dust at the back of your cupboard, or the mounting pile of plastic containers with no matching lids? It can be difficult choosing what to keep and what to throw away, but de-cluttering your cupboard will free of some much-needed space and allow you to take stock of what you have in your kitchen. You never know, you might even uncover a hidden gem or two.   

Don’t forget to also include your bowls and plates in your de-cluttering, giving them all a good once over to check that they’re not worn, chipped, or broken. A high-quality dinnerware set will last you for years to come so make sure you invest in a durable set like the ones offered by Corelle. Not only are they chip and break resistant, but they’ve also been designed for compact storage, saving you some precious cupboard space.  


Once you have deep cleaned your kitchen and made sure to de-clutter it, all that is left is to organise everything. A well-organised kitchen will make it much easier for you to keep track of everything in it and ensure that you always have what you need at hand.

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