29 August 2016

Have your own Great British Bake Off with Corelle Bakeware


We have all been watching, 10.4 million of us tuned in to watch the launch show of Series 7 of the Great British Bake Off. We love it! The baking, the nerves, the catastrophes and off course the cakes that make our mouths water. After all the drama it is only right that the nation is trying their hand at baking, breaking out the wooden spoons and getting into the bake off spirit.

What you should try?

For the beginners the best recipe will always be the Victoria sponge cake. The classic, the easiest to do and more often than not, the tastiest. Starting with the basics is the best way to go. The bake off, famous for their cakes, meringues and profiteroles, are maybe miles ahead. However, you can have a go at all most anything with the right equipment. Scones, cakes, flans, chocolates and truffles, they are never far from your reach with a little perseverance, patience and preparation.

What you will need?

For recreating some of these amazing recipes you will first of all need the basic equipment. The wooden spoon (of course), the mixing bowl, the apron, most probably the flour and of course some amazing bakeware to bake your recipes in. For the best cakes, the best bakers need the best equipment. That is why you are going to want some Corelle Bakeware.

Corelle’s range of bakeware is light weight and, chip, break and stain proof. It is also microwave, dishwasher and oven safe, perfect for any recipe and anyone. Choosing from a range of patterns, Corelle’s bakeware can be the only thing you need to both cook in and serve in. What better way to enjoy your baking efforts than it being served in the most amazing Corelle bakeware, knowing that there is hardly any washing up to do after.

To see our latest range of Corelle products and start your baking career visit us at World Kitchen.

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