05 December 2017

A Guide To The Perfect Christmas Meal

Corelle dinner sets

If you are responsible for cooking and hosting the Christmas dinner this year, you may have realised there are many aspects involved in creating the perfect Christmas meal. The key to a great meal is a well-designed menu, cooked to perfection, with beautiful tableware such as Corelle dinner sets to set the scene. Here are some tips to help you mark the festivities with a flourish:

The Turkey
Although there are alternatives, a turkey is still the traditional choice and creates a centrepiece for most tables every Christmas. To create tender meat with a golden colour, you should baste the bird with generous amounts of melted butter, top with good quality streaky bacon and wrap in foil. Cook the bird for 40 minutes on a high heat and then turn down the heat and cook for a further 2-3 hours, until the juices run clear. Once cooked, take off the foil and return to the oven until it has the desirable golden colour.

Brussel Sprouts
These green vegetables are a firm favourite on most tables and at Christmas they are one of the supermarket’s most popular items. The key to great sprouts is to pick the small ones and avoid overcooking. There are some great accompaniments to sprouts, such as toasted almonds or crispy bacon lardons. To cook, first, bring some salted water to boiling point and cook the sprouts for around five minutes until they are tender to the touch.

Mince Pies
No Christmas would be complete without mince pies and, if you are looking to give your guests a treat, warm, homemade ones are the best. There are some great ready-made mincemeat options available in the supermarket but it is quick and easy to prepare your own filling. You will need sultanas, raisins, dried figs, stem ginger, almonds, muscovado sugar, mixed spice, whiskey, grated butter, lemon zest and a cooking apple. Simply mix the ingredients together in the quantities you desire and keep tasting until you get the flavour right. This can be made ahead of time and stored in a jar until the day, which will make your task much easier. There are many simple pastry recipes available but, shop bought pastry is ideal for creating quick pies on the day. Preheat your oven and roll the pastry out until it is around 3mm thick, cut out circular shapes and line your tin. Add your mincemeat until each is about 75% full and then place a pastry lid on top. Brush the tops with a beaten egg and bake for around 20 minutes until golden.

The Table
If you’re expecting a lot of guests, many people panic about not having a large enough table. However, even a trestle table can be made to look beautiful. All you need is a great tablecloth and some beautiful accessories. A striking centrepiece such as a festive wreath or candle arrangement can help set a festive scene.

No special meal is complete without beautiful tableware. If your cupboard is full of mismatched items, or perhaps you have fallen out of love with your current dinner set, Christmas is a great time to replace everything. The set will be brand new and help make your meal feel extra special. Corelle dinner sets will add a touch of class and the smash-resistant quality will ensure everything is protected.

Place Cards
A handmade place card can be a stunning personal touch to your Christmas table. Why not turn a cracker or bauble into a place card using matching ribbon? It’s quick and simple to do. There are so many options available to help you match everything to your chosen theme and style.

Get in touch with us today and see how Corelle dinner sets can transform your Christmas meals!

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