29 August 2016

Let’s Go Alfresco!


It is the height of summer and the weather is (hopefully) going to stay fine. We don’t need much to make us happy, just a tiny bit of sun, great company and fabulous food. Embrace the summer sun, get outdoors and go alfresco with your dining this year.

What is Alfresco?

Alfresco dining is the glitz and the glamour of dinner parties with the sun shining and the birds singing in the background. Like a grown up version of the picnic, Alfresco dining is the best way to embrace any good weather that is thrown our way. Setting a table, lighting some fairy lights, cooking great meals and serving them all outside. That is the Alfresco way!

What do you need to go Alfresco?

The most important part of Alfresco dining is of course THE FOOD!

What better way to get your guests outside than by luring them with gorgeous meals cooked in even more wonderful glass bakeware! Corelle’s latest collection has exciting new features making it the must have tableware and bakeware for all your dining this summer.

Which Corelle Design is Right for Your Alfresco dining?

Larger Families

For larger families you are going to be wanting a lot more mouth-watering food. There are a lot of people to feed, you need reliable, larger dishes that can withstand chips and breaks. Pies, Salads, Paellas, Risotto all the summery dishes, these need to be cooked Corelle Bake Serve and Store products. Trust us! Elegant designs coupled with easy to handle oven, microwave and dishwasher safe glass bakeware, Corelle is the best thing for your family! These dishes can not only withstand the wear and tear of numerous meals being cooked in them, they can also sit perfectly in the centre of the table because of their spectacular range of designs.

Garden lovers

Those of you that love your garden just as much as you love your kitchen are going to want tableware and bakeware which is elegant, durable but with a design that does not overpower the nature in your garden. We would suggest trying the Happy Days collection of plates, bowls and mugs. Nothing says I love my garden more than a floral design in bright colours. The Happy Days collection is refined but perfect for the Alfresco experience!


The kids don’t want glamorous dishes. They want bright and fun! All you need to care about is that these dishes can withstand the test of time and kids. We know that sometimes things can go a bit pear shaped in the kitchen, it can be hard to control every element of cooking with your children. When things sometimes go a little wrong and the meals don’t turn out quite as you expected, the last thing you want is for the bakeware to be unreliable and leak or crack. Invest in some Corelle bakeware and know that it is chip, stain and break resistant.

For more information on any of our products, take a look at our Corelle Collection here.

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