25 January 2019

Living Coral: How to Use Pantone’s Colour of the Year in Your Kitchen

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Pantone’s colour of the year makes a splash every time it is announced. The latest shade announced for 2019, Living Coral, is set to be no different. From makeup to interior design, you can expect this gorgeous colour to invade every area of our lives in the same way Pantone’s chosen colours have in previous years. Not for the faint of heart, you might be at a loss when it comes to incorporating this bright coral hue into your interior design. To help you out, we’ve come up with some handy tips on how to use it in your kitchen.


Small accessories are one of the easiest ways of introducing Pantone’s colour of the year into your kitchen without much of a financial commitment. This bright and cheery colour will infuse some joy into your kitchen and some bright colour accessories will be sure to look stylish long after 2019 is over. To create your own Living Coral dream, swap out some common kitchen utensils like your utensils, tea towels, bin, or clock for one in this vibrant colour. Measuring cups and scales are also a fun way of introducing Living Coral into your kitchen, especially if you are looking to add a splash of colour that won’t be on display all the time.    


Despite the vibrancy of this hue, Living Coral works well with a whole range of shades, making it the perfect fit for dinnerware. If you are looking for a dramatic effect, then choose a dinner set that pairs this beautiful colour with white to really intensify the warmth of the colour and make it the star of the show.

For those looking for a softer way to introduce Living Coral into their dinnerware collection, the Corelle Adoria dinnerware range is the perfect fit. It offers a more muted take on the colour, pairing it with pastel pink and light mint green on a bright white background for a delicate and fresh look.    


If you’re looking to replace some of your outdated kitchen appliances, this is the perfect opportunity to purchase a replacement in Living Coral for an unexpected way to incorporate it into your kitchen. For neutral kitchens, it’s easy to go big and bold with Living Coral by investing in a new kitchen, or even a range cooker in this uplifting hue. For a smaller commitment, kitchen mixers and coffee makers also look wonderful in Living Coral.


For a truly striking look, why not go all out and redecorate with Living Coral? Cabinet doors will surely be uplifted with this lively shade while those looking to really make a statement can choose to paint the kitchen walls in this coral hue. If you do choose to paint your kitchen walls, then make sure your kitchen gets plenty of sunlight so that it doesn’t feel cramped. Otherwise, opt for an accent Living Coral wall instead, matched with a light neutral palette.

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