29 March 2019

Modern Corelle Dinnerware Sets to Add to Your Collection

modern corelle dinnerware

Dinnerware is much more than just the dishes and plates you use to serve meals, it is a reflection of your personal taste and your lifestyle. And, as any foodie worth their salt knows, presentation plays a key part in any meal so it’s important that your dinnerware reflects your personality.

To help you create a contemporary dining experience, in our latest blog we are showcasing the modern Corelle dinnerware sets you should consider adding to your collection.  


A contemporary take on tribal print, the Zamba dinnerware set will brighten up any dining table with its vibrant colours and bold pattern. Ideal for everyday dining, you can use this set on its own, or mix and match it with your current plates for a unique look.   

Violet Dance

Featuring an elegant pattern in contrasting purple and lime, the Violet Dance dinnerware range has a minimal yet playful design that makes it a versatile addition to any dining room. A touch of colour adds some vibrancy to the range, while the minimal pattern makes it look distinctly modern.  

Tranquil Reflection

One of the things which set modern dinnerware apart from classic ranges is the use of muted colours to create a harmonious look while still maintaining an element of artistry and thoughtful design. The Tranquil Reflection dinnerware set perfectly embodies this with its cool-toned palette and tranquil design.   

MSNY Gilded Woods

Although gold and silver are usually associated with more traditional dinnerware styles, the MSNY Gilded Woods range adds a fresh twist by pairing the metallic colours with a minimal tree branch design. Paired with brass or copper flatware, this dinnerware range can be used to create an elegant and modern table setting, fit for any formal dining event.


Featuring a colour scheme that embraces Pantone’s 2019 colour of the year, Living Coral, it comes as no surprise that the Adoria dinner set has a distinctly contemporary look to it. The fresh look of the hydrangea pattern brings the beauty of summer flowers to your dining room table all year round without looking dated in the same way that other floral patterns often do.     

Abstract Meadow
The Abstract Meadow dinnerware range reimagines floral patterns for the modern dining room with its abstract design and cool-toned colour palette of chartreuse and teal. Featuring a variety of floral motifs, this range is subtle and sophisticated – all the things that modern dinnerware should be.

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