26 April 2019

Must-Have Dinner Sets for Summer

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Summer seems like it’s forever away while many of us are still reaching for our jumpers and umbrellas but sunny days are ahead and a change of seasons means a whole new set of trends and must-have pieces when it comes to dinner sets.

Here at World Kitchen, we stock a wide selection of dinner sets to help you stay keep up with the latest trends. To make sure your table looks stunning for every occasion, here are the must-have dinner sets for this summer.


Florals remain a popular trend for dinnerware year-on-year, always coming back with a slight twist on previous seasons. This year, Pantone’s colour of the year, Living Colour, is a major influence on the trend, making the Andoria dinner set the perfect choice for summer dinnerware. Featuring a delicate hydrangea print, it’s a subtle nod to Pantone’s colour of the year, executed in a way that makes these plates and dishes suitable for both everyday dining and special occasions.   

For those looking for a bolder take on florals, the Cheerful Garden collection is unapologetically bright and cheerful and will look splendid at summer dinner parties and barbecues. Featuring a colourful pattern in the style of a watercolour painting, the artists from Corelle have taken great care to tend to each blossom and leaf with the same care a gardener would take with their flowers, producing a vibrant end result.

For special occasions, and those formal dinners where you need the most elegant of dinnerware sets, let the Jacaranda dinner set wow your guests this summer. Pairing a modern shape with a beautifully elegant floral design, there is nothing plain or kitschy about this dinner set.    


Although popular, florals aren’t the only trend you need to keep an eye on when it comes to the must-have dinner sets for this summer. Bold patterns and cheerful colours are also key players for summers, bringing plenty of joy and fun into your dining room.

Appropriately named after the stunning skies and iconic roofs that the island is famous for, Santorini Sky is a gorgeous dinner set that will have you dreaming of summer days and warm weather no matter how gloomy the British summer is. Much like the beautiful homes nestled into the cliffs of Santorini, this dinnerware collection is dominated by hues of royal blue and teal, set against a bright white background. Even if you can’t escape to the sunny island, you can bring some of its beauty and joy into your dining room.
The Zamba dinnerware collection will be sure to jazz up any garden party or barbecue you have this summer with its vibrant pattern and bold colour combination. Featuring a strong zigzag design, the look of this dinner set was inspired by leading interior design and fashion trends, ensuring that your dinnerware will be on-trend and really make a splash at your next dinner party.  

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