11 January 2018

Why You Need Corelle Dinnerware

Corelle Dinnerware

The right dinnerware is an essential part of any dinner party, helping your table to look clean, organised and sophisticated. It can even help to make food look more appealing, giving it the presentation that reflects your (or Mr. Marks and Spencer’s) cooking.  Finding the right dinnerware to suit your hosting style is particularly important. Read on and find out why you need Corelle dinnerware.

It can transform your table
Rather than sticking to your usual dinnerware, create a different atmosphere for your whole table with a new set. Contemporary, artistic designs such as the MSNY Blue Adirondack collection will create a romantic feel that would also suit intimate gatherings and elegant daytime meals. You can also match the occasion with your choice of colours, opting for bold red dinnerware for a modern look that isn’t cliché.

For those who prefer to keep things subtle, you can explore different shapes at the dinner table, creating some interest with square or rectangular plates as an alternative to round. And for the traditionalists, Corelle’s selection of traditional designs can offer a look that will suit any decor.

Corelle Dinnerware will suit your lifestyle
Alongside looking great, Corelle’s dinnerware has been expertly crafted to suit a modern household’s needs. Created using one-of-a-kind Vitrelle® glass, which is essentially three layers of glass bonded together, their dinnerware is lightweight yet resistant to chipping, breaking, scratching and staining. This means that you can trust children to handle it as well as not have to worry about ruining your special occasion dinnerware. Perhaps you’ll even be able to think of more excuses to use it. Even better? Their products are microwave, refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher proof.

It looks like luxury – for less
With designs in classical, contemporary and traditional styles, there are plenty of choices to suit every personality and decor taste. Corelle dinnerware gives particular attention to detail, with many of their designs featuring gold or silver motifs and intricate patterns that many people may expect from luxury brands. Their Bella Faenza collection is perfect for creating an expensive, elegant look with intricate floral embossing in a delicate white shade that is reminiscent of old English gardens party’s and high-class tea rooms.

Feeling inspired to update your dining table? Shop our full Corelle collection.

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