22 October 2018

The Most Popular Corelle Dinnerware Sets of 2018

corelle neo leaf

Choosing a dinnerware set can often be a matter of taste but popular trends often play a part too. As 2018 is slowly but surely coming to a close, we take a look at the Corelle dinnerware sets that have proven the most popular this year.

1. Corelle Neo Leaf

Drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature, it’s easy to see why the Neo Leaf was proven to be the most popular Corelle dinner set of 2018. Keeping things contemporary and minimal, this dinnerware set breaths fresh life into any dining room with its lively pattern and bright green shades.  

2. Corelle Memphis

Despite the muted colours predicted for dinnerware in 2018, the popularity of the Memphis dinner set proves that bright and bold is still a top choice for consumers. The bight colour-blocked pattern of this set gives it a vibrant and joyous look, making it perfect for family dinners, and outdoor dining in the summer.

3. Corelle Sand & Sky

The Sand & Sky dinnerware collection beautifully references a sunny day at the beach with its elegant abstract pattern. It’s easy to see why this Corelle dinner set has been so popular, with its clean lines and contemporary look. The soft colours of the Sand & Sky pattern offer a relaxing dining experience and will add a touch of intrigue to any dining table.  

4. Corelle Winter Frost

Sometimes the simplest dinner sets offer the most elegant look and, once again, the humble plain white dining set has proven that it won’t be waning in popularity anytime soon. Whether you’re looking for some functional plates for everyday dining or an elegant yet subtle dinner set to finish off your table setting, the Corelle Winter Frost collection is a surprisingly versatile dinner set.  

5. Corelle Simple Lines

The sleek Simple Lines dining from Corelle is distinctly modern with its clean lines and square shape. Proving that black never goes out of style, this set has no doubt been popular due to its versatility and elegant look. With flared rims tapering down to a round bottom, the Corelle Simple Lines dinnerware set will make even everyday dining feel like a restaurant-worthy experience.

6. Corelle Pure White Square

Simple and understated, yet elegant, the Pure White Square dinner set can be dressed up for entertaining or dressed down for casual everyday dining. This set is ideal as a starter set for anyone looking for a dinnerware set with a difference and works beautifully with other patterns to create a mix and match table setting.  

7. Corelle Timber Shadows

The two-tone pattern of the Corelle Timber Shadows dinner set works beautifully to mimic the look of a bare tree and its shadow across each plate in the set. Artfully modern and elegant, this dinnerware set is sure to be a talking point at any dinner party and is perfect for the festive season for anyone looking to pay homage to winter without going overboard on the festive look.  

8. Corelle Folk Stitch

Whether your style is shabby chic or you are looking to achieve the Scandi vibe that has remained ever-popular in 2018, the Corelle Folk Stitch dinner set will be the perfect finish touch for your dining room. The use of aqua and indigo blue in the stitching pattern keeps these plates looking modern while maintaining their retro folksy vibe.   

9. Corelle Splendor Round

Splendor by name and splendid by nature, the vibrant red and muted greys of this dinner set intertwine beautifully to create an elegant look, fit for any occasion. The Corelle Splendid Round dinnerware set features delicate twists and curls, offering a lighter alternative to bright colour block patterns.  

10. Corelle Violet Dance

Featuring delicate twists and swirls in uplifting violet, pink, and lime green, the Violet Dance dinner set will be sure to lift the mood of any meal. Creating movement and elegance, the versatile pattern of these plates makes them a popular choice for any dining occasion.

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