09 November 2017

Prepare Your Kitchen For Winter Utilising Corelle Dinner Sets

dinner sets

With winter just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to get your kitchen ready for the cosy months. Here are a few tips from World Kitchen to get you started with dinner sets.

Do a ‘winter clean’ of the fridge and pantry

It’s time to do a thorough check of your fridge and freezer, to get rid of any old sauces, salad dressings or old food. Now is the perfect opportunity to give the fridge a wipe down and de-mould. Go through the pantry as well and make a list of the winter essentials you need to see you through the next few months. Make sure to include plenty of legumes and stocks. If stews are a favourite for you, you can save by opting for cheap cuts of meat and keeping them in your freezer, as they’ll become tender through slow cooking.

Check your utensils and appliances

You won’t be needing those BBQ utensils for a while! Rearrange your cupboards and pull to the front any casserole dishes or pots that you will need for your winter cooking. If you have any electric appliances like a slow cooker, it’s a great idea to plug them in and check they’re in working order so they’re ready to go when you need them.

Give the kitchen a decor overhaul

While it might be dark outside, it doesn’t need to be that way in the kitchen! Why not invest in some warm coloured dish towels to brighten things up? A matching rug is perfect for keeping toes warm on chilly mornings.

New winter dinner sets can add life to the kitchen and dining room. Our range of Corelle dinner sets includes plenty of great sets to complement your hearty winter dishes. Our Woodland Leaves and Winter Solstice collections are the perfect match for stews and casseroles.

A winter herb garden can help keep things fresh and bright. In particular, chives, rosemary, thyme and parsley and known to do well during winter. Make sure to keep them in a well-lit position, but within reach so you can add them to your dishes easily.

Find some great new recipes

Winter is all about hearty stews and warming dishes. It’s time to pull out all the recipes you love for chilly evenings, and find some new ones. Add them to a folder (whether it’s a physical or electronic one) so you can peruse them easily and decide your meal plans.

Check our range of Corelle dinner sets today and see how they can help you prepare for the winter months!

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