23 April 2018

Top 5 Advantages of Visions Glassware

visions glassware

Visions is the versatile cookware that’s made from glass; but this isn’t just any glass. These beautiful pans, casseroles and frying pans are created from the same material that was used in the Space Shuttle for durability and to withstand extremes of heat and cold. Revolutionary and innovative, beautiful amber coloured Visions glassware has five great advantages for any kitchen.

Energy efficiency

With rising energy bills, everyone wants to find ways to be more energy efficient. Visions glassware has excellent heat retaining properties which means that you can cook on far lower settings than you would use for conventional pots and pans. That helps to save you money and reduce your environmental impact for a win-win for your kitchen.

Beautiful presentation

Visions glassware isn’t just highly efficient, it also looks stunning too. Manufactured from Pyroceram which was developed to withstand huge extremes of temperature, your Visions cookware will go flawlessly from freezer to oven to the table. The simplicity of the shapes and the golden glow of the glass really sets off your cuisine, meaning you don’t have to go to the trouble of investing in extra serving dishes to present your food beautifully.

Built to last

Pyroceram was developed for durability, and Visions cookware combines its quality and exceptional thermal shock resistance for long lasting and reliable kitchenware. Resistant to chipping and breaking, Visions glassware is the smart choice when you’re investing in your first set of cookware because it’s cost-effective and built to last.

Healthy and hygienic

Another of the advantages of Pyroceramic cookware is the fact that this innovative material is non-porous and non-reactive. That means your cookware won’t absorb smells, stain or discolour so you can cook a fragrant curry and then a delicate fish dish with no cross-contamination of flavours and odours. Perhaps more importantly, Visions cookware will not leach chemicals into your food. Visions glassware is also dishwasher safe for complete convenience; emerging clean and hygienic after every wash, Visions products won’t go hazy like other glassware so they retain their good looks for longer.

Total control

There’s nothing more frustrating than a pot boiling dry because you can’t see what’s happening inside. Beautiful Visions pans are completely transparent which puts you in total control of every kitchen operation. You can monitor your cooking at a glance safe in the knowledge that Visions cookware is the ideal way to prepare your meals.

If you want to experience the advantages of Visions glassware for yourself, then why not take a look at our range and find out more.

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