20 December 2016

Top 5 Christmas Inspired Recipes

Christmas is upon us, the holiday season is here and it’s time to start trying your hand at some new recipes. With wintry nights, dark mornings and blustery showers you want recipes that are Christmas inspired, easy to achieve and taste amazing.
Here at World Kitchen, we want you to enjoy the festive period with these 5 Christmas inspired recipes that look, smell and taste amazing especially when served on our range of Corelle bake, serve and store ware.

christmas baking and dinnerware

1. Jamie Oliver’s Brussels in a Hustle

The Brussel sprout, a vegetable hated by many, loved by a few and eaten by millions every Christmas time.
Jamie Oliver’s attempt to make Brussel sprouts the centre piece rather than the dog’s dinner is something you can try at home. Instead of boiling them whole and serving them with a little butter, he shreds them and the sprouts are served with garlic, onion, sage and a splash of Worcestershire sauce.

2. Classic Christmas Cake

Whichever recipe you use whether its Delia’s, Jamie Oliver’s, Ainsley Harriot or your family’s own recipe, Christmas cakes are a must have for any Christmas dinner.
Full of fruit, flavour and even a little whisky or brandy if you fancy.
For an extra twist, this year try topping with a raspberry flavoured icing instead of the classic royal icing to add a bright pink colour and sweetness.

3. Roast Potatoes With A Cranberry Sauce

bake serve and store christmas dinner

Everyone loves roast potatoes. With every meal, once a week, on special occasions or even as a dish on its own.
At Christmas times roast potatoes are especially popular in many homes. However, for a truly, Christmas inspired recipe for roast potatoes try them roasted in goose fat and served with a cranberry sauce. The sweet and savoury mix really complement each other as well as the Christmas season.

4. Christmas Crab Cake

For something completely different, with a slight Asian infused recipe you could try Christmas day crab cakes. These can be served as starters or a side to the main course to add a little spice to your Christmas meal.
Try Christmas crab cakes with green chillies and spring onions to add a kick.

5. Honey Glazed Ham


Honey glazed ham is a world class crowd pleaser. With sweet and savoury flavours that compliment any Christmas meal, this is something you must try.
Make sure to really coat the whole skin of the ham in honey so you end up with a sweet and crunchy outer layer.
To add a finishing touch to your Christmas recipes, make sure to serve them and cook them with Corelle from World Kitchen today.

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