30 July 2019

Every Day Corelle Dinner Sets That Bring A Special Occasion Feel To Your Dining Room

corelle dinner party season

The perfect dining room isn’t complete without a dinner set that does justice to the room’s designs. I’ve you’ve spent the time crafting a cool contemporary dining space, you can’t just slap any old plain plates down when you serve up your meals – you’ll want to keep the theme flowing and really give the room the aesthetic it deserves. With Corelle dinner sets, you’ll be able to create that special occasion dining experience every day, thanks to the durable build and wide variety of eclectic designs to suit every décor.

What is Corelle?

First of all, it’s important to understand just what dinner sets are and why they’re a fantastic option for your dining room!

Corelle dinner sets originated in the 1970s when Vitrelle glass, which was originally designed for TV screens, was adapted as a durable, lightweight dinnerware material that could withstand the wear and tear of day to day usage. Aside from the reliable, practical material, Corelle dinner sets also have a fantastic reputation for design and style, incorporating eye-catching patterns, prints, and embossing for a truly stylish dining room style!

Modern and Contemporary Correlle Dinner Sets

If it’s an on-trend and urban vibe that you’re looking for, the Mosiac Red Corelle set is a great option – it features a sharp geometric pattern and infuses a vibrant red into the mix with greys, blacks, and whites for an incredibly captivating modern feel. Great for use as a pop of colour in a more refined setting, or perhaps as a way to continue a more eccentric design theme, showcases your food magnificently for that extravagant dining feel.

Abstract Retro

For a throwback to that original ‘70s style that made Corelle such a household institution, take a look at Zamba; the combines bold colours with a white zigzag pattern that breaks up the blocks of colour for a degree of simplicity hidden within the vibrancy. Paying homage to an era defined by the breaking down of boundaries and eccentric style, the Zamba dinner set brings the spirit of the ‘70s into the heart of your dining room.

Refined Elegance

Last but not least, our is an advocate for a subtler, more sophisticated theme. The simple white dinnerware is decorated with an embossed pattern that’s engrained within the 3 layered Vitrelle glass designs which offers an elegant nod towards a sweeping design, without disrupting a more subdued décor with splashes of colour or bold, over-the-top patterns and prints. Perfect for those occasions where you’re looking for a more upper-class atmosphere for a dinner or you’re just serving a family dinner on a Wednesday evening alike, this set helps to make every dinner time a special one.

Bring a Corelle dinner set into your home today to experience that special occasion dining experience each and every day.

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