12 December 2017

Top Recipes You Need to Try This Winter

Corelle dinner sets

Winter isn’t just coming, it’s already here. With all the chill in the air, most people just want to come back home to a warm meal and hot drinks. Happily, you can make fairly easy one yourself – just imagine these piping hot dishes, served in pretty Corelle dinner sets, and treat yourself to a restaurant-worthy experience at home.

Beef and mushroom soup with rice noodles – Serves 2

You will need:

– 4 mid-sized dried shiitake mushrooms
– 100g sirloin or round-eye beef
– 1 small carrot, sliced
– 150g dry rice stick noodles
– 1 spring onion, sliced
– 2cm ginger, coarsely chopped
– 2 tsp minced garlic
– 4 tbsp soy sauce
– 1 tsp sugar
– 1 tbsp fish sauce

First, soak the shiitake mushrooms in one cup of water. Leave them alone for an hour or two until they soften. Soak the rice noodles, too, according to package instructions.

Once the mushrooms and noodles are soft enough to be used, remove them from the water. Thinly slice the mushrooms, beef, and carrots. Next, stir-fry the beef. When it’s done, remove the beef, before stir-frying the vegetables and garlic. This will help bring out the fragrance of the food.

In a pan, cook the rice noodles according to the package instructions. While they’re cooking, combine the ginger, soy sauce, fish sauce and sugar together in a small bowl, and add the mixture to the drained noodles when they’re al-dente.

Now all you have to do is arrange the beef, mushrooms, and carrots over the noodles, and sprinkle a generous amount of chopped spring onions over. For extra taste, you can add sesame seeds, or, if you want more greens in there, it’s not difficult to tweak the recipe to your taste. Compliment it with stylish Corelle dinner sets and you’ll be set!

Spiced butter rice with chicken and greens – Serves 2

You will need:

– 1 cup rice
– 3 tbsps butter
– 1/2 teaspoon cloves
– 1 tsp star anise
– 1/4 onion, roughly chopped
– 2 chicken fillets
– 1 bunch thin asparagus spears
– Olive oil
– Thyme
– Salt
– Black pepper
– Parmesan cheese

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius. Drizzle olive oil over the asparagus and rub them with salt before arranging them on an oven sheet. Do the same for the chicken fillets, also adding thyme and black pepper on both sides. Sprinkle parmesan cheese over them, before placing them in the oven. They will take about 30 minutes to cook, but you can start testing to see if they’re done after around 20 minutes.

While they’re cooking, get started on the rice. If you’re using a rice cooker, fry chopped onions on a low heat until soft. Melt the butter and mix it with the usual amount of water for cooking rice. Stir in cloves, star anise and onions after, and simply cook as normal.

If you’re cooking rice on the stove, melt the butter in the pot and add the chopped onions to be stir-fried on low heat until soft. Add the rice, then cloves and star anise. Stir briefly, before adding one and a half cups of water, then stir again to make sure everything is distributed properly. Raise the heat to high and wait for the mixture to boil. Once it is boiling, put on the lid to the pot and turn the heat down to low. After 20 minutes, remove the pot from heat, let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes before fluffing the rice with a fork.

Plate the rice, and arrange chicken and asparagus on the side. Serve warm.

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