30 July 2018

Top Tips for Organising Your Kitchen

organising your kitchen

Kitchens can often be a nightmare to keep neat and tidy, especially if you’re someone who likes to cook. It seems like there’s always something to wash and put away or a cupboard that could do with properly organising. If that sounds like your kitchen, we’ve got some quick tips for organising your kitchen – and making it look more stylish in the process!  

Turn a Cake Stand into a Condiment Caddy

If you have a cake stand tucked away in the back of the cupboard, now is the time to put it to good use. You can use it to store your most-used ingredients in a stylish and convenient way by arranging them as if they were in a condiment caddy.

Make Use of Dead Space

The inside of your cupboard doors is valuable space that you can easily put to good use to store, organise, and arrange your kitchen essentials. Attach some command hooks to store utensils, measuring cups and pan lids, or add attach a magazine rack if the space allows and use it to organise your cutting boards – or to store tin foil and cling film.

Invest in Baskets

A versatile addition to any kitchen, a basket will help the space look organised and tres chic. Traditionally wicker baskets won’t suit everyone’s style but you can choose from a range of other materials like felt or wire too. Whichever material you choose, you can use a basket to organise multipacks and snacks that would otherwise take up valuable cupboard space if left in their original packaging. Wire baskets, in particular, are great for storing vegetables and eggs.

Stack Your Way to Organised Cupboards

Awkward cupboard spaces and corner storage areas can be a real hassle to fill, but with some clever planning, you can easily organise them into the ideal storage space. Use stacking boxes or stacking trays to create vertical space, which you can then use to store cans, vegetables, and other items that would normally eat into your storage space and give off a messy look. Your ingredients aren’t the only thing you can stack to create a more organised cupboard space. Easily stackable dinnerware like the Corelle dinner sets will help you achieve an organised cupboard because they neatly nestle into one another for easy and compact storage.

Get Creative with Magnets

We’ve all seen the sleek and stylish magnetic knife racks that seem to litter interior design magazines and high-end homes in recent years. They’re a great way of making sure your knives are always organised, within arm’s reach, and double as in interesting feature of any kitchen. If you’re feeling creative, you can even DIY some magnetic spice jars, to keep your most used spiced well-organised.

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