29 August 2016

Traditional Meals with Brand New Bakeware


For many people and their families, traditions are a great part of their heritage. They include things such as family gatherings, buying a new pair of pyjamas just for Christmas Eve or even having to smash a hundred plates at your wedding. No matter how strange they may sound to anyone else these traditions can mean a lot to you and your family.

The other most important part of family traditions are the recipes. The traditional pies, curries, puddings, Sunday roasts and everything else in-between. These traditional meals can warm you up on a winter’s night, get the whole family together and be the centre piece at any celebration. The recipes may be perfect but what if your bakeware is not? You could end up with a chicken pie, baked to perfection but seeping through the bottom of your bakeware, with ceramic chipped inside it and none of us want that do we?

Here are 4 reasons why we know that your fantastic, tasty, traditional recipes need to be created in Corelle Bakeware.

Easier to Bake With

Traditions can last a lifetime and sometimes the best recipes can only be made properly by your grandma, your mum, your dad or your grandad. That means that they might need bakeware that is easier to bake with, lightweight and yet reliable. With the Corelle Bake Serve and Store range you are guaranteed to have the most reliable bakeware that does not weigh more than your gran, nana, or grandpa can lift.

Long Lasting

Another thing about traditional recipes is that they normally are not just saved for the family gatherings. They are used every day, or once a week, but definitely on a regular basis. They would not be traditional recipes if you did not want them every day of the week. For these recipes, Corelle is perfect. Made from Vitrelle, it is long lasting and stays in tact no matter how many times you use it, microwave it, bake it and then wash it.

Easy to Clean

With all this baking, cooking, microwaving and then eating, there are going to be a lot of dirty plates, dishes and bakeware to wash. Another of Corelle’s great features is that it is easy to clean. Putting it in the dishwasher, the hard or tough stains are easily removed. Even without a dishwasher, with a good soak with some washing up liquid, these dishes are easily cleaned and ready to use again. No more scrubbing for hours!

Cook and Serve

With the cooking or baking all done, do not worry about serving the traditional meals in these beautifully crafted bakeware pieces. With elegant designs, pretty patterns and light weight material, the Corelle range can work perfectly as the centre piece of any dinner table, party or family dinner.

For the latest Corelle products perfect for any traditional recipe visit us at World Kitchen.

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