18 June 2019

Unusual Dinner Sets to Liven Up Your Collection


Like your wardrobe, your collection of dinnerware should be a diverse mix. It should include those staple sets that you will use time and time again, along with some real showstoppers that you use to wow your guests.

From unusual shapes to bold patterns, these dinner sets are sure to liven up your current collection.

Square Dinner Sets

Although commonplace in restaurants, square plates have taken a while to catch on in the domestic market. Offering a welcome contrast to the usual round plates and dishes, these dinner sets look high-end and modern.



The Dalena set from Corelle is one of our favourite square dinner sets. Thanks to its simple and elegant pattern it will fit in well with the rest of your dinnerware collection, while still adding a touch of intrigue. Designed to be durable, this unusual dinner set is finished with a design in striking shades of cobalt and cerulean.  

Embossed Dinner Sets

Choosing a different shape is only one of the characteristics of an unusual dinner set. You can also play around with different textures. Embossed dinner sets have a 3D element, adding visual interest to any dining occasion.  

Bella Faenza

When it comes to embossed dinner sets, not only do they look unusual but they have a romantic and whimsical quality to them. Take the Bella Faenza collection for example. This dinner set utilises a classic colour and pattern combination but it does so in a new format. By embossing the rim of the plates rather than painting on the pattern, it gives a traditional look an unusual twist.

Of course, the romantic look of the Bella Faenza collection’s classic pattern won’t be to everyone’s taste. If you want to add an unusual dinner set with a modern aesthetic to your collection, look no further than the Corelle Sol dinner set.  


Featuring clean and elegant embossed lines, this dinner set comes with square dishes and plates for a truly unusual but classy look. Take inspiration from the styling above and pair this set with gold tableware for an elegant meal.

Quirky Patterns

You can also liven up your current dinnerware collection by adding some unusual accent plates. This is a cost-effective way of breathing fresh life into your current sets.


This charming set of Corelle Dog bread and butter plates will add a quirky twist no matter which one of your existing plates you choose to pair them with.

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