29 August 2016

What can Corelle do for you?


There are literally thousands of tableware and bakeware brands with a variety of different designs, sizes, purposes and prices. We understand that choosing the right pieces for your kitchen can take time because we know how important it is to get it right. You don’t want to be constantly buying new bowls, mugs, baking and roasting dishes because they have been ruined. So why not invest in some Corelle glass bakeware?

What is Corelle?

Corelle is one of America’s leading brands of dinnerware first introduced in the 1970’s. Growing in popularity because of its durability and elegance, it now produces a range of Bake Serve and Store glass bakeware, Livingware, Boutique products and even a Deluxe range including designs such as Plum, Rosetta and Frost.

Why Choose Corelle?

Corelle isn’t just pretty and stylish, though. It is hard-wearing, stain proof and lightweight. Perfect for every meal, every family and every occasion. Whether you are eating Alfresco, cooking with children or for yourself, Corelle’s range of Bakeware, Tableware and Livingware is exactly what you need in your kitchen.

So why should you choose Corelle?

Put simply, you would be wrong not to. The Corelle range is 50% lighter than normal ceramic because of it being made from the revolutionary material Vitrelle. This means that whether you are young or old, Corelle is easy to clean, handle and store, while also being chip and break proof. Gone are the days of scrubbing the dish over the sink for hours before it even enters the dishwasher. Rest assured that your time spent cooking in the kitchen can be made easier with the help of Corelle Bake Serve and Store products.

What next?

Now you know that Corelle is the brand for you, take a look at our range online. Choose from many different designs and find the right pieces for your kitchen, home and meal time.

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