21 May 2018

What Makes Corelle So Unique?


Is your dinnerware smart, strong and ultra stylish? Then the chances are you already own Corelle dinnerware and love its combination of unique features. However, if you’re thinking of purchasing a new dinner service, then why not consider the unique properties of Corelle?


Corelle dinnerware is highly resistant to chipping, breakages and staining because of its unique Vitrelle glass construction. This special material is made of a super tough three-layer glass laminate, originally intended for use in TV screens in the 1940s.

It was soon obvious that Vitrelle could be used for a range of other purposes, and it was realised that the combination of strength and thinness could rival china with a unique and durable beauty. It’s the perfect dinnerware, capable of standing up to anything your family can throw at it, while retaining its elegant good looks, even with repeated use. If you experience any chips or breaks during the first three years of ownership, we guarantee to replace it for you.

Unique style

Whether you love classic white tableware with a twist, such as fine gold detailing, or you prefer to show off your food against a brightly coloured and geometric design, Corelle has a style and design you’ll love. No other tableware is so versatile with stylish designs that suit the way you live, from formal entertaining to informal kitchen suppers.

Whether you like to set a classic table or you prefer to jazz things up with colour and pattern, Corelle has a design you’ll love. With pieces available individually you can even create your own unique mix and match table settings, combining square and round plates, smooth and embossed designs.


Is your dinnerware safe to use in the oven, microwave, fridge, freezer and dishwasher? Uniquely versatile Corelle is safe to heat, safe to cool and won’t scratch when you use kitchen utensils, or lose its sparkle in the dishwasher.

Once you’re ready to stack your dishes in the cupboard you’ll find them beautifully space saving. Designed to nest and stack neatly together, your Corelle dinnerware is also uniquely lightweight so you can store it anywhere without worrying about the wear and tear on your kitchen cabinets.

If unique and beautiful Corelle dinnerware is the right choice for your home, browse the complete range at World Kitchen before ordering the design that’s right for you.


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